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Roll-Off Dumpster Rental

Our dumpster containers are transported by roll-off trucks that handle constructions waste, demolition waste, industrial waste and municipal solid waste.  They are also commonly used for estate clean outs, household / garage cleanouts and trash disposal!

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What do we offer?

  • Transparency and honesty in upfront pricing

    • Be sure to understand the ALL-IN dumpster cost when comparing providers
  • Prompt Delivery
  • 10 to 14 days of rental included in the base rate
  • Pick Up/Removal of Container
  • Disposal of Waste Material (Included Up to Tonnage Allowance)
  • Fuel & Environmental Fees < 10% of the overall cost

    • Beware of hidden costs elsewhere: others charge 12-24%!

What waste do we take?

  • We pride ourselves on being the experts no matter what your waste!
  • General Waste

    • Accounts for approximately 90% of waste
  • Special Handling or Special Disposal Waste Streams

    • Trees, Stumps, Shrubbery, & Organic Materials
    • Dirt, Concrete, Brick or Block & Other Aggregated Material

Recyclable Material (Wood, Metal or Cardboard)

Which Factors Determine Roll-Off Dumpster Rental Prices?

Weight limits may be necessary to ensure compliance with road-use and safety laws and regulations!

Roll-off dumpster container sizes are measured in cubic yards, indicating how much debris they hold.

1. Waste/Debris Type -

Prices vary on availability of landfills and waste disposal facilities.
Apart from some minor restrictions due to safety and local regulations, you’re allowed to put most types of waste in the dumpster.
If you’re not sure, give us a call on 877-853-2922 and we’ll let you know if the particular waste is accepted in your area or not!

2. Waste Size -

What does a 10-yard dumpster hold?

    • Garage Debris
    • 2500 sq. ft Roof Shingles (single layer)
    • Small Deck Removal
    • Small Kitchen Remodel
    • Bathroom Debris (Remodeling)
    • Equivalent to 3 to 4 Pick Up Truck Loads

What’s the value of a dumpster? For example, in a typical small household/garage cleanout, removing all of the above debris would amount to approximately 4 pick-up truck loads.

What does a 20-yard dumpster hold?

    • Moderate Remodeling Projects
    • Household / Garage Clean-up
    • Large Deck Removal
    • 5000 sq. ft of Roof Shingles (single layer)
    • Equivalent to 6 to 8 Pick Up Truck Loads

A 20-yard dumpster is our most commonly-rented unit, as it is generally adequate for most commercial and residential projects. This size will serve you well in the vast majority of moderate construction/demolition, home renovations, landscaping, and recycling projects

What does a 30-yard dumpster hold?

    • New Home Construction Debris
    • New Commercial Construction Debris
    • Commercial / Home Renovation Debris
    • Interior / Exterior Renovation Debris ( ie. Window / Siding replacement)

3. Location -

If you need the container delivered to a narrow space, such as a small street or alley, be sure to compare the square footage of available space to the dimensions of the dumpster including the truck cab.  Ensure that no overhead wires or obstructions exist.

When you compare two different dumpsters, please note that the lengths differ. For example, a 10-yard container is 12 feet long, while a 20-yard container is 22 feet long. There is a minimal distinction in width.

Also, note that the dumpsters have an 8-foot-wide opening/door that opens in the back. If you plan to dispose of materials through the back access, please account for an extra 8 feet of length for the door to clear.

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